Phoenix Dispensary Robbed In Metro Area

Arizona Dispensary Robbed In Phoenix

The Phoenix police are on the lookout for three armed suspects who robbed a Phoenix medical marijuana dispensary. The incidence occurred at Bloom Dispensary at 10:00 pm on March 26, according to the police. The business is located near 44th Street and Washington in Phoenix.

One suspect went into the building through to the backside to leave that door open: unfortunately for the other two suspects who were noticed hiding behind the business, the dispensary workers had locked the door. One hour later, however, one of the men from behind the building was able to enter: he held a gun to the employees and the Arizona police state that he forced them to the back room and made them give up the company’s money. After receiving the money, he fled in an unknown direction.

All three suspects are said to be black men, about 25-35 years of age, 6 feet tall, and weigh between 180-200 pounds. The Phoenix police want anyone with information in connection with this case to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

Best Birthday Party Locations in Phoenix Arizona’s SE Valley

Phoenix Arizona Indoor Birthday Party Locales
With the multitude of locations available for Arizona parents to host an indoor birthday party at, it can be a daunting task to figure out the perfect place to suit your children’s interests. Here are a solid 10 birthday party places for kids worthy of your consideration.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix

If your child is interesting in learning about the world around us, even they focus on a specific category like dinosaurs, this is right up your alley. Their basic party package runs $350 for up to 15 children and escalates up to $1,500 to basically rent out the museum after-hours for up to 40 children. If you happen to have a membership to the Museum, you can save anywhere between $50 to $150.

AZ on the Rocks

This North Scottsdale fixture is a world-class facility for rock climbing, featuring three different options for parties. Seasoned instructors can teach children and parents alike about the basics of climbing safety. If your special boy or girl is the athletic type, this is the perfect place to celebrate their next year!

Stratum Laser Tag

Whether your a kid or an adult looking for a great place for a kids birthday party you will be sure to love the worlds largest indoor (and yes Air Conditioned) multi level laser tag experience in mesa AZ.

B.E.S.T. (Beginners Edge Sports Training)

If your kids are focus on their sports, consider having your party at this air-conditioned facilities in the North City Center or Chandler’s Xtreme Jump and Skate Park.


Sea Life Arizona

If you would rather have a party that revolves around marine animals or your child enjoys pirates, this location is just for you. $15 per attendee yields:

  • A goody bag for every child.
  • A free yearly pass for the birthday child.
  • 120 minutes of access to a private room decorated around pirates.
  • Full access to the aquarium for the day.
  • A personal host for the party.
  • A guided scavenger hunt that encompasses the entire aquarium.

Coyotes Ice Den

If your child longs to try out ice-skating, consider the Ice Den. This place has handled enough parties that you shouldn’t need to worry about planning or execution. Notably, their packages include letting the birthday child drive the Zamboni used to resurface the ice rink.

Pump It Up

This site features private parties and full access to their various inflatable play areas. Their staffs are trained to take care of every issue and worry you may have from the moment you make it to the parking lot. Prices start at $225 for a weekday party and increase by $50 on weekends. Their website features last-minute specials and discounts.

Girly Girlz

This is the perfect venue for any female age three or more who wants to feel like a princess, a diva or any other epitome of girl power. Because every girl is different, Girly Girlz offers a wide variety of party themes and options.

Butterfly Wonderland

One of the Valley’s newest entertainment offerings is an artificial rainforest that is billed as America’s largest pavilion for butterflies. Butterfly Wonderland has three tiers of party packages, ranging in price from $325-$375.


Make Meaning – This placed has shut down

If your kids have any interest in arts and crafts, this is the place for your needs. Their staff can help children as young as one year in making a crafty keepsake.


Cactus RC Hobbies – Closed

If your kids have even the slightest interest in slot car races, this is your perfect solution. Their employees can teach the kids about how to operate and control the cars. After all of the kids and participating parents are ready, they are divvied up into groups that change between driving and turning in a round robin-format tournament.


Harvest of Scottsdale’s Patient Appreciation Day 2017 a Success

In celebration of six months of operation, Harvest of Scottsdale was thankful to all the friends, patients, artists and local vendors who helped make their Patient Appreciate Day such a huge success. Harvest felt deeply honored to be able to bring their diverse patient community together to take part in a celebratory afternoon of healing, music, education and fun!

Harvest was also grateful for the opportunity to bring their mission to a wider segment of Arizona’s medical cannabis patients. Every opportunity that Harvest has to interact with their patients gives them a greater and greater opportunity to provide a higher level of care to their patients in Scottsdale Arizona and across the nation. As medical cannabis makes progress in communities across the country, they hope to follow in its wake offering their constantly improved and expanded services.

Harvest desires to be a valuable resource for patients, friends, loved ones and supporters to learn about new medical cannabis products and how they are being used to promote overall health and even aid in a wide variety of healing. Harvest feels that their patients are the ones that have made their mission possible, through their perseverance and outspoken efforts to shine a light on their cause and bring about much needed change in both overall attitudes and even legislation regarding the use of medical cannabis. Harvest’s patients are what have made their dreams and aspirations a reality.

Harvest looks forward to every future opportunity they will have to serve the Scottsdale medical cannabis a community and feel privileged to be a part of this vibrant and vital medical and legal Scottsdale cannabis community.


Contact the Harvest of Scottsdale Marijuana Dispensary Today.




Car Title Loans in Arizona Know the Risks of Auto Equity Loans

Auto Title Loans

Some loans can be derisively described as “predatory” because of factors like incredibly stiff interest rates and the loan given to a borrower being a lot less than what the object being put forth as the collateral should ideally have been worth. Meanwhile, the collateral itself can be an object that is incredibly important to one’s livelihood; should the borrower be unfortunate enough not to avoid defaulting on the loan, the lender will take possession of the collateral and sell it in order to recoup the money that they originally handed out. A person can therefore easily enter a long-term disadvantage regardless of how important their circumstances may have made borrowing the money at that point in time.

Perhaps the most representative example of this type of dangerous loan are car title loans, in which the borrower gives up their car in order to borrow an amount of money that can easily be no higher than 40% of the car’s value. Many title lenders provide loans of even smaller figures than that. However, the most threatening aspect of title loans is that the interest rates can reach as high as 300%. If a borrower defaults on this type of loan, the interest rates could well cause the borrower to owe back twice the amount that was borrowed in the first place, and roughly 17% of all persons that partake in a title loan end up losing their household’s primary vehicle.

The sheer size of these interest rates can be single-handedly responsible for causing borrowers to have to spend many months trying to pay back the steadily increasing sum of money that they owe, even if they could have repaid the original sum they borrowed within a reasonable amount of time. This has been described as a deliberate tactic that title lenders use in order to force borrowers to roll over their principal, thus extracting more money from them. While lenders portray these rates as necessitated by their business’ need to protect their assets given how the lenders don’t run credit checks, the average loan borrower has been shown by studies to commit roughly eight rollovers before being able to take back their vehicle or pay back what’s owed.

Arizona is one of twenty states that legalize the issuing of title loans. However, it is also one of only nine such states that imposes a cap of some kind on how much the interest of a loan can raise monthly. This is better for customers in Arizona than customers in other states that offer no regulation on interest rates whatsoever, but Arizona is by no means the most fair of the states that impose these caps.

Arizona’s system prevents monthly interest increases from surpassing 17% a month for small loans under half a grand, whereas 25% a month is the standard in other states. What this means is that, if a person rolls over a $400 loan four times in other states, that person would ultimately owe $800, but in Arizona where the monthly interest cap is 17%, that same scenario would make the person owe $672.

When it comes to loans above $500, the title loan interest rates in Arizona can only raise 15% a month if the loan is under $2500, and it can only raise 10% a month on loans that surpass $5000. Again, these interest rates are comparatively better capped and regulated than those in other states, but the issue that remains in some form is the fact that Arizona still allows repeated rollovers to significantly increase the total amount that must eventually be paid back by the borrower.

Title loans should only be considered if you are not able to find any other option for financial relief whatsoever. Certain agencies, nonprofit or otherwise, can financially assist customers and help them regain water and electricity services. Sometimes, loan options exist in unexpected sources; you may find a small and temporary loan that might be offered by a credit union near you.

But if you cannot avoid relying on a title loan, at least make sure to go in after having carefully worked out how much money you should avoid spending so that you can pay back the loan at the end of the first month. Otherwise, if you default on your loan, a court-ordered repossession agent can spontaneously take your car away regardless of what other possessions you still have inside it, and if the lender still has not fully recouped what it was owed once it has sold your car off, it can sue you to cover the remaining payment necessary.

Arizona Residents May Pay Taxes in Bitcoin

Pay your Arizona State Taxes for 2017 with Bitcoin

You can use digital currency to buy furniture, flights, music, and food. In the state of Arizona, you could soon pay taxes with Bitcoin.

Arizona has legislation that would change the way governments look at cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. One piece of legislation would call Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies as currencies, not commodities. The other bill would allow Arizona taxpayers to pay state taxes with cryptocurrencies.

According to Arizona State Representative Jeff Weninger, these bills will send a warning to everyone in the U.S. and the world. Arizona will operate as the starting ground for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

According to Weninger, the legislation he sponsored could make it easy for the people of Arizona to pay state taxes. Weninger likes the fact that you could pay your taxes with alt coins and cryptocurrency while you’re watching television, at work, or you’re at the park with your kids.

A study states that the number of people who use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin stands between 3 million and 6 million people. Many people believe that having the ability to pay your taxes through cryptocurrencies is what will happen in the future.

In Arizona, some companies allow their employees to get their paychecks because of Bitcoin. Employees can even invest a portion of their retirement funds in Bitcoin. Arizona payroll companies pay some of their employees through Bitcoin because they want to operate at the apex of changing times and they plan on encouraging this new technology.

The price for every unit for Bitcoin was six cents in July 2010. As of February 2018, the price for every unit sits at $9,300. In the time since Bitcoin started in 2009, the Bitcoins in circulation increased to over 16 million.

When cryptocurrencies get accepted, one can take them for mere coins, and you can also exchange money instantly. The new Bitcoin technology can replace our banking systems and credit cards.

Some people believe that the current systems that we have in place are enough for now. Steve Farley, an Arizona politician, states that if Weninger’s Arizona Bitcoin bill passes, taxpayers will get put at risk when Bitcoin crashes.

Farley believes that if people could pay state taxes with Bitcoin, the burden of volatility will get put on other Arizona taxpayers. The unstable money would have to go to the government, and then Arizona lawmakers would have to figure out what to do with the currency. The State Senate Minority Leader thinks that the US dollar will have to do for now when it comes to people paying their taxes. According to Farley, Bitcoin went down about 15 percent in its value a couple of days after the legislation went through committee.

Arizona politician Farley told a reporter that special interests could take advantage of the government and taxpayers. He felt that the advocates who lobbied for this bill only worked for privileges for their client.

State Representative Weninger proclaimed that Bitcoin‘s entry point is really low. He believes that the state could spend much of the revenue on educating Arizona taxpayers about cryptocurrencies.

Supporters of the bill state that adopting cryptocurrency could act like a scary process, just like adopting the Internet was a couple of decades ago. They believe that since the world will look remarkably different in two decades, the most successful people will be those who adopted cryptocurrencies when they first came about around this time. These people will operate on the front wave of this fortuitous tsunami.

Bitcoin exists only on the World Wide Web and uses blockchain technology. With this technology. A database keeps track of all transactions that take place among its users. Right now, five US states have passed and enacted blockchain legislation.

One study says that taxes might get collected for a government through blockchain technology and bitcoin mining by the year 2023. Should the Arizona bill pass, this could start happening in two years.

The Phoenix EDM Scene Thrives

EDM Takes Over the World


You didn’t have to ring in 2018 at Decadance to know that EDM is here in the valley and strong.

Dance music and what we know about it, just in the past year, has changed dramatically. Though dance music used to be an underground way of life, it has become more mainstream than ever before, which has caused quite the stir up in the industry. Some people are left shaking their heads in astonishment. Others are running to deposit their huge checks, though this is mostly DJs and talent agents. Regardless of how you react, dance music has caused many people to look into becoming a DJ, agent, manager, promoter, and even a publicist. Music is an industry that is glamourous on the outside, but it’s not always easy to break into, especially the dance music portion of the industry. You need to have a certain dedication, passion, and hours of time to make it happen, and you might have to put up with a lot of things like later nights and tears to get you where you want to be.

How it Started

EDM fans are in for a shock when they meet the newest addition to the electronic dance music party right in promoter area. Both Jamie and Turtle, of Rhogue Entertainment and a few from Relentless Beats AZ, have a passionate love for music, which is why last year, there were ready to get started. They have this uncanny ability to pack a venue with a superstar DJ and listeners who love EDM. The Midnight Masquerade of last year was a huge success that brought much of the attention to these two men by the talent supplier, Thomas Turner. Turner wasn’t the only one who turned their attention to the big change in EDM. The entire world was watching, and these two college kids, so passionate about music, were on to something bigger than anyone ever realized. They needed mentors, of course, which is exactly what happened when Turner and Troy Gilmore joined forces to help these two college kids find their dreams and make them a reality.

Taking the World by Storm

This year’s Midnight Masquerade was a huge success as well, with a line that extended further than before. Even buses full of partiers were being dropped off at the door by the hour. There was a bar, a stage, and beats, and music flowed all night long. The best Drum and Bass DJs were there, and people danced away the night to incredible music that is still taking the world by storm. It was an epic party, especially for the two college graduates, Jamie and Turtle. They came ready to party, and they found people there to listen and party along.

The world should watch out for these two because they are about to do great and awesome things in the EDM industry.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients Guide | How to Qualify

Become an Arizona Legal Medical Marijuana Patient

If you live in Arizona, you can obtain legal marijuana via a medical prescription. Provided you have one of the required medical conditions and can prove your residency and age, you will be able to be approved for medical marijuana in Arizona.

Medical marijuana is for adults, meaning you need to be at least 18 years old. If you under 18, you would need the approval of your parent or legal guardian; they would then register as your caregiver. You also need to make sure your driver’s license or other identification card is valid, i.e., not expired. You must also prove your Arizona residency, either on your ID or through a document such as a utility bill.

There will be some money involved in getting a medical marijuana card in Arizona. The state requires an annual fee of $75. If you are obtaining the card via SNAP/food stamps, then it’s reduced to $75. There will also be a fee for your doctor’s appointment, which ranges between $75 and $100.

To be prescribed marijuana by a doctor, you must have at least one of the qualifying conditions. These conditions are cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDs, hepatitis C, ALS, Crohn’s disease, and agitation of Alzheimer’s disease. You can also obtain it if you have a chronic medical condition or disease that causes cachexia (wasting syndrome), chronic pain (such as arthritis or migraines), extreme nausea, seizures, muscle spasms, and PTSD. If you have any doubt about whether you qualify, then you need to get in touch with a medical marijuana doctor and consult with them.

Once you have confirmed that you have one of the listed conditions, do your research and find a doctor who can prescribe medical cannabis. Once you make your appointment, go see your doctor. If they approve of your use of medical marijuana for your condition, they will send in documents to the Department of Health Services. Once those documents have been approved and the process is finalized, you will receive your medical marijuana card in the mail.

After you have your card, you will be able to obtain medical marijuana in Arizona through legal outlets. For purchase, you must go to a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary. You can also receive medical marijuana from other people who are prescribed it via donation. For instance, if you or another person has a surplus of medical marijuana, you can then give it to another person who also has a prescription.

As a medical marijuana patient, you can also grow and cultivate your own marijuana. You must live within 25 miles of a dispensary. You are able to grow up to 12 plants for personal use or have a caregiver do it for you.

There is an expiration date associated with your medical marijuana card, so make sure that you are up to date on that and get it renewed it time. Just like you need to keep your driver’s license or state ID updated, you also need to keep your medical marijuana card updated.

We hope this has given you a concrete view of the steps involved to become an Arizona medical marijuana patient. If you have certain medical conditions, it can be of great benefit to you.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries see Increased Sales During Black Friday Black Friday Sale Ad

Marijuana Dispensaries see Higher Sales During Black Friday,

Retail businesses live for the holiday season. Sales ramp up as consumers become consumed with buying. They buy everything with a vigorous passion, and everything these days includes marijuana from a dispensary.

Believe it or not, in those states where medical and recreational marijuana is legal there is an increase in sales at local dispensaries during the holidays. It seems that some individuals have no problem gifting marijuana or cannabis supplies to family and friends that have a fondness for the herb.

Harvest of AZ a medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix AZ and Scottsdale Arizona is one dispensary that reaps the benefits of a busy holiday shopping season. Owner Steven White has an interesting theory about why people either gift marijuana or buy a little extra for themselves around Christmas. “People need a discreet way to put up with their families,” says White. The dispensary’s owner also says that there is a particular increase in edibles and THC vape pen products, and she also thinks these products are good gift ideas.

Like all other retail establishments, marijuana dispensaries have begun to note a pattern to holiday sales saying “things slow down a bit in early November” before picking up again around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This budtender said that where January sees a decrease in sales that usually lasts for a couple of months has been a predictable pattern.

A recent article in USA Today examined holiday sales increases for dispensaries in Denver, Colorado. Denver was one of the first major American cities to have marijuana shops. According to the article, local dispensaries reported sales increases of 21 percent in the week prior to Christmas. The sales data was compiled by Baker, a marijuana software firm which provides point-of-sale and customer service technology to stores that sell cannabis.

Marijuana edibles such as cookies were among the most popular items sold during the holidays. As Shahin mentioned, vaporizers were also high on the list of purchases. According to Baker, the data received from other states with legalized medical and recreational cannabis was in line with the data from Denver.

Dispensaries are even beginning to come up with their own shopping day nicknames like “Black Friday.” The day before Thanksgiving is referred to as “Weed Wednesday” and the day after is called “Green Friday.”

The biggest sales day for dispensaries, however, doesn’t happen anywhere near the holidays. April 20, known as 4/20, is still the biggest day for marijuana sales across the nation. It has also been noted that sales spike on Fridays before federal holidays, presumably because of the long weekend ahead.


Mesa AZ Resident Wins 8.39 Million Lottery Jackpot

Merry Christmas Mesa | AZ Resident Wins 8.39 Million Lottery Jackpot

You can’t win if you don’t play is what many people call their losing investments in lottery fun.  However one lucky Arizona native has won a multi-million dollar PICK jackpot this Christmas.

One Mesa resident woke up feeling extra merry this Christmas.  A Southern Ave and Crismon RD Gas Station reported selling the winning $8.4 million PICK JACKPOT to a lucky shopper on 12-24-2016 between the hours of 9-6.

As of now the lucky Mesa lottery winner has selected to remain anonymous for the next  for 90 days due to Arizona state law.

Up for grabs is a lump sum cash payment of about 5.63 million or a 30 yr annuity.