Phoenix AZ Data Centers Rank in Top of USA Market

Phoenix ranks 2nd for data center activity in U.S.

Based on the U.S. Data Center Trends Report from a company called CBRE, the city of Phoenix in 2018 became the second largest market for data center leasing in the country. In doing so, it surpassed such leading markets as the Silicon Valley and Dallas.

According to the report, the city recorded more than 41 megawatts of what is known as net absorption. This represents an increase of close to 600% over the year before. The report also indicated that Phoenix had the third highest amount of megawatts for completed new space in the United States, with 46. This number trails only Northern Virginia and Dallas.

In spite of all these increases, the wholesale vacancy rate in the city was under 8%, which is close to a two-year low. Phoenix also has more than 71 megawatts currently under construction, trailing only Northern Virginia. It is immediately ahead of the following areas:

The city of Phoenix also has another 240 megawatts planned for the near future.

Mark Krison, who is a senior vice president at CBRE, says that data storage demand is increasing because of a number of factors. This included AI applications and the upcoming roll out of 5G cellular access across the nation. He adds that, because of this, Phoenix has become an attractive location for data centers. The reasons he cites includes:

  • The number of quality power sources available in the region
  • Strong government tax incentive programs
  • A good climate and geography

In 2018, the top 7 data center locations supplied more than 300 megawatts of power absorption. This is an increase of more than 15% from the previous year, which itself was a record year. Currently, northern Virginia is largest U.S. market for data centers, and it accounted for nearly 60% of the power absorption in the top 7 markets.

Pat Lynch, who is the senior managing director of Data Center Solutions at CBRE, says that his company has been carefully monitoring data center trends this year in terms of supply and demand. He adds that data consumption is what is driving industry growth. This includes the following technologies:

  • Big data
  • 5G
  • Video Games
  • Streaming
  • Edge computing
  • The Internet of things (IoT)

Lynch further says that his company has seen considerable construction growth this year due to the fact that data center operators are to trying put themselves in a position in which they can quickly provision new facilities.

Top Air Conditioning Problems in Arizona

Top Arizona AC Problems

This is Arizona, so that means it is hot and temperatures can easily reach the 100-degree mark. You do not want to be caught with a broken air conditioning unit when the temperatures start soaring.

Once the temperature is hotter outside that means your home is also going to be hot. Even when a new air conditioning unit is running at its maximum capacity the inside air is only about twenty degrees cooler. In the Arizona heat you could burn up your air conditioner and eventually the unit could lose the cooling battle and end up not working.

Ways you can help your air conditioner
Do not play with the thermostat. Turn the temperature to a higher degree and leave the thermostat be. Playing with the thermostat does not change the temperature inside your home. By touching the thermostat this is putting more pressure on the system to perform. Set your thermostat no lower than 78 degrees while you are at home. Set the thermostat to 82 degrees while you are away.

Spray Water On It – When the temperatures soar over 95 degrees give your unit some outwardly physical relief with some water. Adjust your lawn sprinkler to sprinkle water on the exterior unit. You could also use the garden hose by hand. By doing this you are helping to lower the Freon temperature. Temperatures inside the home could cool to as high as ten percent.

Keep it clean – Maintain your AC unit just as you would anything else that is outdoors. Care for the AC unit by keeping it clean. If the compressor is filled with dirt and it is dusty it has to work overtime and that creates a burden on the system. Cover the unit when it is not in use.

Ways to help keep you cool:

  • Close the blinds
  • Change air filters monthly
  • Open some vents – air needs to dispense without pressure
  • Cook outdoors – grill in order to keep your interior from heating up

The U.S. Department of Energy also recommends a couple ways to supplement your cooling efforts:

  • Place fans strategically in order to keep cool air near you and push warm air away
  • Evaporative cool cools air using moisture, this helps to keep energy rates low
  • If your air conditioning unit is older than ten years old, then it may be best to replace it*

*The outside temperatures have to be lower than the heat released from the unit. The less cooling that is done by the heat exchange unit, instead of the compressor, the more work that has to be performed by the unit overall. Older compressors cannot keep up with the extremes in the heat and high temperatures compromises the unit doing its job.

Chat with a Phoenix Based Air Conditioning Contractor
Now is the time to talk to a local HVAC company or a professional in Phoenix. Be prepared for the upcoming heat wave. The summer months are the hottest. Be ready and prepared so that you can stay cool. Professionals know what to look for and what to expect.

10 Super Expensive Gemstones

10 Super Expensive Gemstones and Diamonds

Many people know that a large, flawless, perfectly colorless diamond is expensive, but there are gems that are even more expensive. Indeed, as of 2019 the world’s most expensive gemstone was a blue diamond that went for almost $4 million a carat. The previous record holder was a pink diamond that set the buyer back a mere $1.2 million a carat. But if such costs leave a person breathless, they shouldn’t worry: the next eight gems don’t come close. Here are the costs of some examples of gems per carat weight:

  • Musgravite: $35,000
  • Jadeite: $20,000
  • Alexandrite: $12,000
  • Red beryl: $10,000
  • Padparadscha sapphire: $8000
  • Benitoite: $3800
  • Black opal: $3500
  • Demantoid garnet: $3300
  • Taaffeite: $2500

A person might wonder why these gems, which are, after all, rocks, have come to be so pricey. They are pricey because they are beautiful and as rare as they are beautiful, and a large, rare, beautiful gemstone costs top dollar. They have been endowed with mystical powers and linked to gods and goddesses. Some gems are thought to be cursed while others are thought to bring luck. In ancient times, only kings and queens were allowed to wear them or even possess them. One of the reasons that Queen Elizabeth II has such a hold on the world’s imagination has to be the contents of her many boxes of jewelry.

The way a gemstone is cut and polished also affects how much it costs. A cut that is too deep or too shallow does not allow a translucent gem to refract light the way it should. A bad cut can make an opaque gem such as jadeite vulnerable to damage.

Buying a Gem

Because their rarity and quality differs, gemstones have different price ranges even if they are in the same family. Prices also depend on whether the stone is natural or synthetic or if it’s been treated. A natural stone has come right out of nature without any alteration. A synthetic stone is made in a lab, and lower quality stones are sometimes treated to make them more attractive. For example, lower quality rubies and sapphires are heated to enhance their color. Nearly all emeralds are oiled, and they often have flaws which are filled in with resin. A person who is in the market for a beautiful quality gem or loose diamonds needs to do some research to find the gemstone’s provenance. Quality diamonds come with certificates from reputable companies such as the Gemologic Institute of America. In other cases, the buyer needs to ask the jeweler about the stone they wish to buy and hope the jeweler is trustworthy.

Now, here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive gems on earth:

1. Taaffeite
An exceeding rare red-violet gem, Taaffeite is said to be a million times scarcer than diamond. It is a very new discovery, at least when it comes to gems. It was found by accident in 1945 in a Dublin jewelry store. The jeweler, Richard Taaffe, at first thought was a spinel until he took a good look at it. Taaffeite is found only in Sri Lanka and Tanzania, and specimens that are suitable for being faceted are truly rare. This is true even as the stone rates 8 to 8.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale, which is almost as hard as corundum.
2. Fancy Diamonds
The Oppenheimer Blue diamond is what is known as a fancy diamond. These are colored diamonds, and a very high quality one is worth more than a white diamond of similar size and quality. The designation of the Oppenheimer Blue is vivid blue. It weighs 14.62 carats and so was sold for $57.5 million at auction. The pink diamond, called the Pink Star, sold for more money but that was because it weighed more. This diamond weighed 59.6 carats and was sold for $71.2 million.

3. Jadeite
There are two main types of jade: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is rarer and more beautiful than nephrite. It comes in many colors, including lavender, but it is associated with that lush shade of green called imperial jade. The best examples of imperial jade colored jadeite come from Myanmar, but jadeite is found in many places around the world, including Mexico and China. Stronger than steel, jadeite was used to make weapons as well as jewelry and figurines. It is said to bring good luck and good health to its owners.

4. Alexandrite
Alexandrite was named after Alexander II while he was still heir to the Russian Imperial throne in 1834. It is a rare type of chrysoberyl and changes color throughout the day. In the daylight, it is bright green. At night, it is ruby red. Happily, green and red were the colors of the Russian imperial family. The change in color is due to chromic oxide. Besides the Ural Mountains, Alexandrite is found in Brazil, Tanzania ad Mozambique.

5. Red Beryl
This gem is also known as bixbite, or red emerald and is in the same family as the green gem. Named after Maynard Bixby, who discovered it in 1904, it is the rarest of the beryls and is only found in three places in the United States. They are famously, the Wah Wah and Thomas Mountains in Utah and the Black Mountains of New Mexico. Red beryl is so rare that ruby, which is not exactly abundant, is 8000 times more plentiful. Interestingly, most people who own red beryl do not have it faceted, even though it is almost as hard as a ruby and is considerably harder than its cousin the emerald.

6. Padparadscha Sapphire
Though people associate sapphires with the color blue, a sapphire can be any color but red. When it’s red, it’s a ruby. The padparadscha sapphire is a fiery pink-orange, its color caused by inclusions of iron, chromium and vanadium. Its name comes from the Sinhalese words for lotus blossom color. Most padparadscha sapphires come from Sri Lanka, but they are also found in Vietnam, Tanzania and Madagascar. Extremely rare, it is rarely found in weights above 2 carats. This causes lapidists to cut the sapphire in unusual ways. This lets it keep as much material as possible.

7. Benitoite
This rare gem is prized for its nearly iridescent blue color. It gets its name because it was discovered near the headwaters of the San Benito River in California, and it’s now the state gem. It has a higher dispersion of light than a diamond, but this is sometimes hidden by its amazing blue color. This presents a dilemma for people who savor the richness of benitoite’s color but also want it to really sparkle. Though it can be polished and worn as a jewel, benitoite is most often a collector’s gem.

8. Black Opal
The opal is different from other gems because it is largely made out of hydrated silica. It also has no crystal structure, but the tiny spheres of silica inside the stone refract light in a way that creates a mesmerizing play of color, or fire over the body of the gem. The black opal is the rarest, and it is as popular as it is rare. A very fine specimen can cost far more than a diamond. It has a black body whose fire ripples over it in a truly spectacular way. Opal is a soft stone that can dry out and crack and can be damaged if it’s not handled with care. It can still be cut and faceted and worn as jewelry. Some people think that opals are unlucky.

9. Demantoid Garnet
Plain old red garnet is fairly common, but a demantoid garnet is one of the rarest and most valuable of all gemstones. Its fire is more fierce than that of a diamond, and its green color can rival that of the emerald. Indeed, its name comes from the Dutch for diamond. Like Alexandrite, it was first discovered in the Ural mountains in 1868 and was notable because the stones had horsetail shaped inclusions made by byssolite fibers. The Russian royal family is said to have been especially fond of demantoid garnet, and the stones are often cut into brilliants or cushions. Like Benitoite, the buyer may have to choose between a rich green color and the sparkle.

10. Musgravite
Musgravite is an extremely rare jewel that was discovered in the Musgrave Range of South Australia. More examples have been found in Madagascar, Greenland and even Antarctica, but they were too small, scattered and not gem-quality. The first musgravite jewel that was considered gem-quality was found only in 1993, and only eight of these types of gem-quality stones have been found since. Musgravite is often confused with taaffeite, an equally rare jewel.

Top 10 Buy Homes for Cash Companies

Top 10 Buy Homes for Cash Companies

If you are interested in selling off your home quickly but have concerns about its location, size, or condition, then you are in the right place. There are plenty of quick and easy options that you probably haven’t considered. For instance, you can use a home buying company that pays cash, which makes it faster to get the money you need and unload the property quickly in any condition. In this article, we discuss companies that buy homes for cash.

We have compiled a list of 10 companies that will buy your house fast for cash. These companies are convenient if you are looking to make a quick sale. Companies that buy houses for cash also offer you the benefit of selling your property for an agreed price that a real estate agent can’t guarantee. Here is a list that provides a great reference point as you research on which company suits your needs.

10 Companies That Will Buy Your Home Fast for Cash

1. iBuyHomes

This professional, cash homebuyer will purchase your property on an agreed date and give you a great price. iBuyHomes will not require you to make any repairs; they buy your house as it is. If you are in a cash crunch, you will not incur any fees or commissions. They even pay for the closing costs.

iBuyHomes are as professional and secure as traditional real estate agents with the added value of being speedy and convenient. You are guaranteed to make a quick sale at the best possible price.


911 Rugby St

Orlando, FL 32804

Phone: (866) 989-1746

2. We Buy Ugly Houses

The company has over 20 years of experience and offers you speed and efficiency. With over 75,000 sales, We Buy Ugly Houses is one of the fastest ways to get cash for your house. The company will also buy your house as it is with no repairs needed.

Notably, We Buy Ugly Houses will take your property off your hands for a fair price and no questions asked.

We Buy Ugly Houses

(866) 200-6475

3. Networth Realty

Networth Realty has over 30 years of experience and market knowledge of the house buying market. The company has established its reputation by conducting business professionally, cordially, and honestly.

Besides, house sellers and buyers get exceptional opportunities and invaluable expertise from their industry contacts. Networth also provides full wholesale real estate services to their clients.

Networth Realty

(888) 998-9688

4. New Western Acquisitions

This real estate brokerage firm has been operational since August 2008. Established initially for acquisitions and the reselling of distressed residential houses, it has now grown and expanded providing different services across the country. Serving thousands of homeowners each year, they are dedicated to providing high levels of professionalism, service, and satisfaction for their clients.

New Western Acquisitions is a dynamic, multifaceted company offering unique services to people looking to sell their houses fast for cash.

New Western Acquisitions

4600 Fuller Dr, Suite 200B

Irving, TX 75038

(888) 610-8303

5. House Heroes

This South Florida real estate investment firm helps homeowners who have housing-related problems. They are willing to buy any house no matter its current condition. They do not require you to repair it and are knowledgeable about all their services.

If you are looking for fast cash for your house and professional services, House Heroes await your call anytime.

House Heroes

16850-112 Collins Ave, #560

Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

(954) 676-1846

6. Need To Sell My House

Here you will find more than real estate agents will. The staff has access to more tools and resources than your average broker does. Need to Sell My House uses private cash to buy your house. By using their private capital, they are protected from the financing restrictions that come with borrowing from banks and other financial regulators.

Need to Sell My House provides cash solutions to sellers and buyers across the country in the shortest time possible.

Need to Sell My House

7002 Marshall Pass

San Antonia, Texas

(210) 390-0750

7. Expert Home Offers

Expert Home Offers connects home sellers to buyers who are readily available in their database. They provide reliable sources and are easy to work with. This professional company is dedicated to customer service and reports high levels of customer satisfaction.

For an exceptional experience, you can approach Expert Home Offers from any of its multiple branches across the country.

Expert Home Offers

7154 W State St

Boise, Idaho

(844) 733-9737

8. Quick Home Offers

This reputable real estate company is based in California. Led by Josh Justiniano, they offer professional and reliable house buying services. Quick Home Offers purchases multifamily properties, houses, and land across California.

The company also ensures house sellers actually speak directly to the people purchasing their property, ensuring both buyers and sellers are satisfied with the overall results achieved in selling their property.

Quick Home Offers

100 Rancho Road, Ste. 7-233

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

(805) 870-5749

9. Highest Cash Offer

This real estate solutions company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They deal with multiple house selling issues, including foreclosure, inability to sell your house quickly, or even if sellers just want to get rid of their property fast with relative ease.

Highest Cash Offer gives their house sellers wide ranges of solutions depending on the problem, ensuring your needs are met from the selling experience.

Highest Cash Offer

4002 N Miller Rd, Suite 200

Scottsdale, Arizona

(888) 387-5750

10. Property Force

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Property Force understands everything involved in finding undervalued houses and off-market properties. For a seller or a buyer, this simplifies the whole process, while giving you a variety of solutions in selling your property.

Property Force has established itself as a force to reckon with when it comes to matching buyers and properties.

Property Force

800 Silks Run, #2330

Hallandale Beach, Florida

(866) 563-9713

The Bottom Line

This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good reference point for house buyers and sellers. Depending on your goal, whether it is recouping the value of the property or making a profit, choose a house for a cash company that understands your needs. It is also essential that you do your research to find out the best solution for your particular problem. Some companies offer customized solutions for unique properties, so you should do some research to find out which companies give you the best rates for your property.

Reach out to a house for a cash company today, and save yourself time on the market and complicated holding costs.

Travel Nursing and Dating Love

Dating Love Travel Nursing

Love And The Itinerant Nurse

Although the prospect of travel is appealing to many, especially when it’s traveling for your travel nursing job, the transient lifestyle can have several challenges, one of which is maintaining a relationship. Working as a travel nurse can be financially rewarding but it can be exhausting for those who want to find a life partner.

Making New Friends

Making new friends outside of work can be a significant challenge for a travel nurse. Online meetup sites can be dangerous so you need to exercise caution but local Meetup groups can be one place to start if you’re looking for non-work friends with similar interests to yours. Since these groups meet up in public places and there’s many people congregating, they’re usually pretty safe. If your new workplace has extracurricular activities outside of work hours, you may find new friends there. Be careful of those who consider the newbie as fair game for a fling though, unless that’s what you’re interested in of course.

The Gypsy Nurse has a Facebook page that may connect you with fellow itinerants who understand your lifestyle. Dating sites like eHarmony or Match can be an option but most people on those sites are stationary. No matter the site you use, be careful not to reveal too much personal information to anyone you don’t know well. Trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about someone or about a particular situation, you’re probably correct so be prudent and stay safe.

If you attend church or are interested in meditation, yoga, or similar, those are excellent places to meet new friends with whom you share a common interest. Some of your coworkers might have a suggestion, or Yoga Finders can help you locate yoga classes in your area.

Revealing Your Itinerant Career

If you find a partner in whom you’re romantically interested, it might be difficult to reveal the itinerant details of your career. Learning that a prospective partner won’t be in town for very long can stop a relationship before it has a chance to get started. Many people aren’t interested in being a temporary fling just as many aren’t interested in a long term commitment. If you’ve been in a relationship for weeks or months or you think there’s a possibility it might become more permanent, it might be a good idea to let the other person know about your career. Sometimes, the information is well received, sometimes it isn’t but waiting too long to broach the subject may cause trust issues. If the thought of extending your assignment causes your partner to panic, pick up the pieces and go on. There are plenty of people out there so don’t take it personally.

Dating Your Coworkers

There are pros and cons to dating within the workplace but many companies have policies prohibiting the practice. If you’re contemplating dating a coworker, be sure to check company policy first. If it’s acceptable, you should carefully consider the pros and cons of the situation beforehand. Although it’s great to be with someone who understands the demands of your work, it can be difficult to be around another person 24/7 and jealousy and competition may interfere with both the personal and the professional relationships.

Some permanent employees may be serial daters. They know that traveling nurses won’t be at the workplace for very long and they’re interested in having a fling. If that’s what you want, then that may work but you should be aware of it beforehand. If someone seems more interested in you than the situation warrants, it might be an indication of a serial dater.

Staying Positive

It may be frustrating for those who want a permanent relationship to have such difficulty in finding it, but don’t give up hope. Many love stories abound between travel nurses and partners they’ve met because of their occupation. Itinerant nursing is a great way to meet new people and make new friends of both genders even if they’re not romantic involvements. If you’re a travel nurse, enjoy your career and the many opportunities it provides to enrich your life. Focus on the immediate aspect of the journey rather than on a goal that may take years to come to fruition.

Summer Bachelorette party Ideas

Summer Bachelorette party Ideas

An upcoming wedding or engagement party is a very exciting thing. Before your best friend gets married, now is the time to treat her to a fabulous party. Here are some cool ideas for a summer celebration that give your bride to be the terrific experience she deserves.

1. Glamorama Right Now

Now is the time to bring on the bling and the glamour. You want to have that one last fling before it’s ring time. Begin your night of parting on the right note with a dinner in one of her favorite places. Then, it’s time to hit the most glamorous area bars. Bring her out with you for a night on the town bar hopping. As the evening winds down, head back to your hotel room and bring out the champagne for one last toast.

2. Pineapple Party For Family and Friends

Few things symbolize summer the way tropical fruit drinks do. The pineapple is all that’s summer suggests. Let the day start with a day at the best summer beach in your neighborhood. Head for a swim up bar and relax with a few drinks. Provide your guests with matching rompers with a pineapple theme. Give all the guests their own personal pineapple that reminds of what the day is all about. Hand your bff her own carved pineapple complete with the date and her soon to be married name. Take lots of crazy selfies.

3. The Squeeze Inn

She’s finally found her main squeeze. You want to help her celebrate. Bring your guests to a pool where they can relax. Public pools are fantastic and private ones even better. Let your guests know what to expect so they can bring the right bathing suit. Have your friends squeeze some fresh citrus fruit and make their own drinks to salute her upcoming nuptials.

4. The Final Flamingle

It’s her final fling and you want to bring out the flamingos. These pink birds make the ideal thing to say let go of the past and welcome the future. Ask everyone to come in matching pale pink. Scour the vintage stores for everything flamingo from lawn signs to vintage floats. Head for a local waterway so you can be on the water like these birds.

5. Retro Black and White

Black and white is a classic combination. Your bride is about to walk down the aisle in white. Ask her friends to bring out their favorite little black dresses. Tell your bride she should wear white. It’s a dress rehearsal for the wedding right now. Serve a dinner of black currant cocktails, blackened fish, white asparagus and chocolate and vanilla cookies. Head to a local wine bar for one round of cheers before the night ends.

6. Go Boho

The sixties are here again and you want to bring them to life for friends and family if your own home territory. Turn your backyard into a hippy paradise that’s full of authentic nostalgia. You should have scattered flowers, ample cushion seating, fairy lights and lots of classic rock on hand for everyone. Try sixties classics like rumaki, meatballs with grape jelly, fondue and banana kabobs.

7. Her Inner Unicorn

Subtle color is the order of the day with this theme. You want to show off a fun unicorn theme that’s evident the second all your guests come inside. Create a morning brunch your guests to appreciate with her on sunny Sunday summer morning. Pile on the unicorn bagels, fairy bread and the macaroons in half a dozen colors. Add in lot of other choices in pale colors such as scrambled eggs, grapes, peaches and lemon martinis to start the day off on the right foot.

8. Pink is In

Pink is feminine, it’s sweet and it’s the right theme for your summer bachelorette party, male revue or hunks party. Take the space where you’re holding the party and give it a pink make over. Put wear pink on the invites so everyone will know what to do. Bring her to favorite restaurant and turn her space into a festival of pink. Use pink tablecloths, pink decorations, pink cups and pink silverware. Serve your guests pink themed cocktails with swirls of marachino syrup and little pink umbrellas.

Tucson Amends Marijuana Laws for Cannabis Cultivators

To licensed AZ medical marijuana dispensaries, Tucson’s old unused and abandoned warehouses are seen as lucrative real-estate for their budding businesses. They believe they are great spaces that can be reborn as marijuana grow-houses and subsequently be transformed from wasted space to prime-money-making zones.

For such an occurrence to be possible, the city of Tucson needs to readdress the current zoning restrictions that are prohibiting medical marijuana business from taking advantage of theses available spaces; currently, the regulations set in place have growers flocking to Santa Cruz and Phoenix to do their business.

These zoning laws restrict Tucson growers only to use 3000 square foot spaces to cultivate their product, and other county’s like Pima County are even more limiting with a restriction set at 2000 square feet. The reason many growers are seen inhabiting cities like Phoenix instead of Tucson is that there are no set limitations on the amount of space they can use for growing.

Given then the marijuana industry is seeing an influx of customers with more and more people becoming approved for medical marijuana cards, the city is in dire need of an in-city dispensary that can support, sustain and increase with the growing demand.

Some distributors, like Jean Paul Genet who formerly owned the Purplemed Healing Center on South Freeway, have expressed their disappointment in how difficult it has been to maintain enough product in store due to dwindling supply.

Despite already owning a 3000 square foot site that he used for cultivating his cannabis menu in East Tucson, Genet already had his sights on an additional greenhouse located near the Pima Air Space Museum. Despite this, Genet and many other dispensary owners were still not seeing the rise in supply that they required to keep their businesses operating smoothly.

A consultant from the Arizona Medical Marijuana Industry, Demetri Downing, shed some light on where these dispensaries were seen buying their supply from, and more often than not he found that they were buying from cultivators in Phoenix.

Clarifying his reasoning for continuing to cultivate his product in Tucson, Genet explained that by staying local he was able to keep prices low, thereby encouraging more customers to buy. In an ideal world, Genet hoped that he might be able to secure a facility of 50,000 square feet, but given that it was more than ten times the amount currently allowed in Tucson, it remained but a dream.

According to Downing, a collective of Tucson dispensary owners had begun to work with Tucson city council representatives to bring this issue forth and hold a vote on the regulations that were inhibiting growth.

Paul Cunningham of Ward 2 offered his opinion and stated that he was not outright advocating for medical marijuana use and distribution and that the laws in place were to stay as such unless it could be shown that the change in regulations would bring more jobs into Tucson.

Understanding that the need for supply was imminent giving the growing number of medical marijuana cardholders, he stated that, “we can either get on the ball or lose out to Phoenix.”

Cunningham also sent a memo to the City Manager’s Office encouraging that the issue is brought up and discussed during an upcoming study session.

Explaining that the goal was not to change the zoning laws outright, Downing said that the task at hand was to review the current space restrictions that are limiting growing facilities to 3000 square feet. Given that many dispensary owners and licensed growers were expressing a keen interest in the Tucson MMJ grower warehouses, he further encouraged that the restriction is amended.

City of Maricopa Decides Not to Purchase Global Water

City of Maricopa officials recently announced that they have decided not to pursue the purchase of a private water company due to a barrage of customer complaints about potential service interruptions and water rate hikes. The city had retained Piper Jaffray, a major investment bank and asset management company, to research the possibility of purchasing Global Water, but the company indicated that they weren’t interested in selling.

The Maricopa Monitor reported that Piper Jaffray had estimated the financial value of Global Water to be in the range of $75 million and $107 million. Global Water officials claim that the actual value of the company is $500 million.

City of Maricopa Mayor Christian Price indicated that the city plans to continue monitoring the performance of Global Water while insisting that the company provide better services. Mayor Price said that the city and Global Water need one another to succeed. “Global doesn’t succeed if Maricopa doesn’t succeed,” the mayor insisted. The mayor also expressed his determination to protect city residents from water rate increases.

Ron Fleming, Globe Water Delivery President and CEO, claimed that he had never spoken with Piper Jaffray representatives. Fleming also stated that the possibility of the city acquiring Global Water had only been briefly discussed during a couple of 20-minute meetings with the city manager. Fleming also insisted that Global Water was not for sale. “There is not one shareholder, person on the board, member of the team or myself who is looking to sell,” Fleming said.

According to Fleming, Global Water considers the city of Maricopa news to be its flagship asset. He is hopeful that the accomplishments of Global Water will ultimately be recognized and appreciated. City officials responded to Fleming’s statements by setting aside its plan to purchase Global Water.

Councilwoman Peggy Chapados said that purchasing Global Water was an impossibility.
She also insisted that the only reason for purchasing Global Water was to lower consumer water rates and improve the quality of services for medication. Chapados said that she was unable to guarantee that either outcome would transpire if the city purchased Global Water.

AZ Graffiti Removal Program | Official City Programs

How Can I Prevent Graffiti?

You can’t always prevent graffiti, or “tagging,” from happening. You can, however, reduce its incidence, whether you’re a homeowner or business owner. Surrounding all sides of your property with good lighting and plant life that’s uninviting to climb through help prevent graffiti on exterior walls and buildings.

Neighborhood associations, homeowners’ associations, and neighbors in general can watch out for each other’s property and report any graffiti that does occur.

What Can Be Done to Enforce Graffiti Laws?

It is illegal to put graffiti on private or public property. If you catch someone in the act of spraying graffiti, call the police department. If you see graffiti already in place, call and report this too. In Tucson and Phoenx, Arizona, the number for reporting graffiti already in place is 792-CITY (2489).

When people see that graffiti is already in place, they tend to think the law isn’t being enforced, which only leads to more graffiti.

Removing Graffiti

When you do see graffiti already in place, report it using the following information:

• Address of property
• Cross street, if applicable
• Where on the property the graffiti is located, e.g. “There is white paint on the north wall.”

The city can only remove graffiti that is A) within city limits, and B) reported along with the correct location.

In the event that graffiti is located in an alley, the city can remove the graffiti if it is located on a corner house and if it is 50 feet or less into the alleyway. Any other graffiti in alleys becomes the homeowner’s responsibility.

The city of Tucson does not remove graffiti tagged on the following:

• Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) property, e.g. freeway sound walls
• Billboards
• Construction dumpsters or containers
• Construction equipment
• Construction sites
• Interiors of structures
• Locations with no access, e.g. a wall behind a locked gate with “No Trespassing” posted
• Murals
• Parks
• Private property that is not clearly visible from within public right-of-way, e.g. inside a fenced-in, private back yard
• Private vehicles
• Schools
• Surfaces higher than two levels above ground

What Number Should I Call For Assistance?

• To report graffiti on a Sun Tran bus or bus stop, call Sun Tran customer service at 792-9222.
• To report graffiti outside of Tuscan City Limits, call Pima County at 792-8224.

• To report graffiti in Phoenix contact Graffiti Busters
• To report graffiti on ADOT property, call 388-4200.

Contractor Services

Tucson has contracted for services with Graffiti Protective Coatings (GPC) to remove the graffiti within its city limits. Should you need to contact GPC directly, the company can be reached at 884-9700.

Note to Homeowner: As a private property owner or resident, you may try to remove graffiti from your property yourself. If you’ve painted over the graffiti on your property and the paint is now “blotched,” the city of Tucson will not be able to remove the graffiti. For assistance, call 792-CITY (792-2489).“

Phoenix Dispensary Robbed In Metro Area

Arizona Dispensary Robbed In Phoenix

The Phoenix police are on the lookout for three armed suspects who robbed a Phoenix medical marijuana dispensary. The incidence occurred at Bloom Dispensary at 10:00 pm on March 26, according to the police. The business is located near 44th Street and Washington in Phoenix.

One suspect went into the building through to the backside to leave that door open: unfortunately for the other two suspects who were noticed hiding behind the business, the dispensary workers had locked the door. One hour later, however, one of the men from behind the building was able to enter: he held a gun to the employees and the Arizona police state that he forced them to the back room and made them give up the company’s money. After receiving the money, he fled in an unknown direction.

All three suspects are said to be black men, about 25-35 years of age, 6 feet tall, and weigh between 180-200 pounds. The Phoenix police want anyone with information in connection with this case to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.