Summer Bachelorette party Ideas

Summer Bachelorette party Ideas

An upcoming wedding or engagement party is a very exciting thing. Before your best friend gets married, now is the time to treat her to a fabulous party. Here are some cool ideas for a summer celebration that give your bride to be the terrific experience she deserves.

1. Glamorama Right Now

Now is the time to bring on the bling and the glamour. You want to have that one last fling before it’s ring time. Begin your night of parting on the right note with a dinner in one of her favorite places. Then, it’s time to hit the most glamorous area bars. Bring her out with you for a night on the town bar hopping. As the evening winds down, head back to your hotel room and bring out the champagne for one last toast.

2. Pineapple Party For Family and Friends

Few things symbolize summer the way tropical fruit drinks do. The pineapple is all that’s summer suggests. Let the day start with a day at the best summer beach in your neighborhood. Head for a swim up bar and relax with a few drinks. Provide your guests with matching rompers with a pineapple theme. Give all the guests their own personal pineapple that reminds of what the day is all about. Hand your bff her own carved pineapple complete with the date and her soon to be married name. Take lots of crazy selfies.

3. The Squeeze Inn

She’s finally found her main squeeze. You want to help her celebrate. Bring your guests to a pool where they can relax. Public pools are fantastic and private ones even better. Let your guests know what to expect so they can bring the right bathing suit. Have your friends squeeze some fresh citrus fruit and make their own drinks to salute her upcoming nuptials.

4. The Final Flamingle

It’s her final fling and you want to bring out the flamingos. These pink birds make the ideal thing to say let go of the past and welcome the future. Ask everyone to come in matching pale pink. Scour the vintage stores for everything flamingo from lawn signs to vintage floats. Head for a local waterway so you can be on the water like these birds.

5. Retro Black and White

Black and white is a classic combination. Your bride is about to walk down the aisle in white. Ask her friends to bring out their favorite little black dresses. Tell your bride she should wear white. It’s a dress rehearsal for the wedding right now. Serve a dinner of black currant cocktails, blackened fish, white asparagus and chocolate and vanilla cookies. Head to a local wine bar for one round of cheers before the night ends.

6. Go Boho

The sixties are here again and you want to bring them to life for friends and family if your own home territory. Turn your backyard into a hippy paradise that’s full of authentic nostalgia. You should have scattered flowers, ample cushion seating, fairy lights and lots of classic rock on hand for everyone. Try sixties classics like rumaki, meatballs with grape jelly, fondue and banana kabobs.

7. Her Inner Unicorn

Subtle color is the order of the day with this theme. You want to show off a fun unicorn theme that’s evident the second all your guests come inside. Create a morning brunch your guests to appreciate with her on sunny Sunday summer morning. Pile on the unicorn bagels, fairy bread and the macaroons in half a dozen colors. Add in lot of other choices in pale colors such as scrambled eggs, grapes, peaches and lemon martinis to start the day off on the right foot.

8. Pink is In

Pink is feminine, it’s sweet and it’s the right theme for your summer bachelorette party, male revue or hunks party. Take the space where you’re holding the party and give it a pink make over. Put wear pink on the invites so everyone will know what to do. Bring her to favorite restaurant and turn her space into a festival of pink. Use pink tablecloths, pink decorations, pink cups and pink silverware. Serve your guests pink themed cocktails with swirls of marachino syrup and little pink umbrellas.