The Phoenix EDM Scene Thrives

EDM Takes Over the World


You didn’t have to ring in 2018 at Decadance to know that EDM is here in the valley and strong.

Dance music and what we know about it, just in the past year, has changed dramatically. Though dance music used to be an underground way of life, it has become more mainstream than ever before, which has caused quite the stir up in the industry. Some people are left shaking their heads in astonishment. Others are running to deposit their huge checks, though this is mostly DJs and talent agents. Regardless of how you react, dance music has caused many people to look into becoming a DJ, agent, manager, promoter, and even a publicist. Music is an industry that is glamourous on the outside, but it’s not always easy to break into, especially the dance music portion of the industry. You need to have a certain dedication, passion, and hours of time to make it happen, and you might have to put up with a lot of things like later nights and tears to get you where you want to be.

How it Started

EDM fans are in for a shock when they meet the newest addition to the electronic dance music party right in promoter area. Both Jamie and Turtle, of Rhogue Entertainment and a few from Relentless Beats AZ, have a passionate love for music, which is why last year, there were ready to get started. They have this uncanny ability to pack a venue with a superstar DJ and listeners who love EDM. The Midnight Masquerade of last year was a huge success that brought much of the attention to these two men by the talent supplier, Thomas Turner. Turner wasn’t the only one who turned their attention to the big change in EDM. The entire world was watching, and these two college kids, so passionate about music, were on to something bigger than anyone ever realized. They needed mentors, of course, which is exactly what happened when Turner and Troy Gilmore joined forces to help these two college kids find their dreams and make them a reality.

Taking the World by Storm

This year’s Midnight Masquerade was a huge success as well, with a line that extended further than before. Even buses full of partiers were being dropped off at the door by the hour. There was a bar, a stage, and beats, and music flowed all night long. The best Drum and Bass DJs were there, and people danced away the night to incredible music that is still taking the world by storm. It was an epic party, especially for the two college graduates, Jamie and Turtle. They came ready to party, and they found people there to listen and party along.

The world should watch out for these two because they are about to do great and awesome things in the EDM industry.